Saturday, January 8, 2011

Both Hands for Adopting Miracles

Both Hands is the most incredible fundraiser for adoptions that I've seen! Our family did a Both Hands Project 2 years ago and the blessings from that event have everlasting benefits to our widow, our children and to every single person who invested in the pure and undefiled religion that this ministry represents.

One of our own families, the Krehbiels, are working on a Both Hands project in Houston on January 15th to help bring home their twin girls, Amy and Emily from Ethiopia. Please read their letter below and support them if you are led--- and please pass it on. A Both Hands project can be done in any city!

How It All Began…Jon and Beth Krehbiel are like any other expectant parents. They wondered what their child would look like. They dreamt about decorating a bedroom in pinks and greens. They barely resisted buying tiny hats or miniature sweaters. But unlike other expectant mothers, Beth prays for twin little girls who are already born, living halfway around the world. And unlike other expectant fathers, Jon worries if his daughters are eating enough and whether or not they are sleeping in warm beds.

Some of you are probably wondering what has prompted Jon and Beth to adopt. Here is what they say:

“Well, primarily, we’ve felt so clearly directed by God to adopt that we want to obey Him, and we also desire to give orphan children a family that they probably won’t otherwise have. God desires for orphans of all nations to be loved, cared for and adopted into Christian families – ultimately so they can become saved, and be adopted into His eternal family through Jesus Christ! The adoption journey started for us, 10 years ago, when we adopted our first 2 children, from the US. Then 2 years ago, we adopted a sibling set of 4, from Ethiopia. There are so many things God has used to prick our hearts and move us to adopt. Our Ethiopian children’s tears begging us not to leave them all to suffer alone… is the biggest: how could we say “no” to them? They have experienced the crisis first hand!”

“Pure religion undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction… James 1:27”

Meet the Krehbiel twins…

We are adopting precious 3-year old twin girls from Ethiopia. We were matched with them after discovering them on a “waiting child list”. We will travel to Ethiopia January 25, 2011, for our court appearance, then soon after, we will travel again, to bring them home to join our family forever! As a family, we’ve been excitedly praying for them, and we’ve already named our daughters – Amy and Emily! To read more, go to our website

Meet Peggy…

Peggy has been alone for 27 years. She recently lost her only daughter Nicole to a drunk driver in a car accident. Nicole’s 8 year old son Josh, was left orphaned. Josh is fighting brain cancer. Peggy is now the legal guardian of her grandson. Because of frequent hospital visits for treatments, Peggy has had to give up her job. The two of them barely get by on social security. These circumstances have left their home in bad shape and there is still a ton of work to do! She is overwhelmed at the support and help our team is offering!

Here is a link to Peggy’s very touching story by a Houston television station:

Our Both Hands Fundraiser Project…

Two little girls living in an orphanage halfway around the world. A widow living in Spring, Texas, who just needs a little help. A group of old and new friends coming together with a desire to share pure religion.

What could these three things possibly have in common? All three are coming together to play key roles in an exciting fundraising opportunity taking place on January 15, 2011. This fundraiser will help Jon and Beth adopt Amy and Emily while we all spend a day fixing up Peggy’s house. As their friends, we’re invested in helping them in all sorts of ways, and we hope you will consider helping them, too. If you are reading this letter, PLEASE ACT NOW! Even $10 will make a huge difference in the lives of these little girls. We are asking our family and friends to sponsor us while we work on Peggy’s home, and the money that is donated will be used to bring Amy and Emily home to their forever family. Think of it like a charity golf outing; but instead of us golfing to raise money, we are going to support a widow in need. I want to give you an opportunity to participate in this awesome project, if it feels right. If not, no big deal. But, truth be told, I hope you find this as irresistible as we do. Both Hands through its partnership with Lifesong for Orphans is an organization that is dedicated to comforting widows and helping orphans. Lifesong makes it possible for your contribution to be tax deductible.

Thank you for investing in the Kingdom through prayer and finances – it will be an investment with an eternal return! (Matt 6:20)

In Christ,

Jon and Beth “If I could chose again, I’d still choose YOU!” (read more of our story and process) (specify Krehbiel Family #1677)

How Can You Help?

My request is simple and straightforward. We are not all called to adopt, but we can all play a part in this wonderful process. Would you consider taking part in the joy of adoption by helping is raise the money to bring Amy and Emily home?

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and consider my invitation! There are a few ways that you can help…

Prayer – Please pray for blessings over this adoption: pray for Amy and Emily, that God would prepare their hearts to be adopted; and for wisdom, clarity, and understanding for Jon and Beth as they raise these children to know God and his son, Jesus Christ. Please also pray for continued blessings for Peggy and Josh, and for the ministries of the Both Hands Foundation and Lifesong for Orphans.

Financial – Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to reduce the remaining adoption expenses as I work with our team to better the lives of Peggy and Josh.

Tell others - Send this letter to as many people as you would like, the more people who come together to support this project, the better. The cost for an adoption of 2, is $40,000+. If each person gave $10 and 1000 people gave, $10,000 could be raised.

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction.” James 1:27

For more information on Both Hands and Lifesong for Orphans please visit

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Every Dollar Helps!

Please make your tax-deductible checks to Lifesong for Orphans. Their website is You may preference how the donation might be used by writing “Krehbiel Adoption #1677” in the memo section of your check:

Complete this form as soon as possible and return it to:

Lifesong for Orphans

PO Box 40 / 202 N Ford St

Gridley, IL 61744

Until they ALL have a family--



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