Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun Adoption Fundraisers!

Jo Franklin writes:
"Drew and Sharon Raines, a family in my church, are in the process of adopting twin boys who were on the waiting child list from Ethiopia.
Their fundraiser is like a mom-swap event. Moms pay a $20 cover charge, bring items they want to swap (any kids items, toy, shoes, clothes, or maternity clothes) and get to pick items that other moms brought to go home with. It's going to be on Friday, Nov. 13 from 6-9pm. It will be at 205 Stecoah Ct. Antioch, TN 37013. Anyone who is interested or has questions can email me. jomichellefranklin@yahoo.com
Also, I have a fundraiser going on for the next two weeks. My friend who has a on-line stationery business is taking orders for the next two weeks, Oct. 25-Nov.7, and the proceeds from those orders will go towards our adoption. She creates and sells personalized notecards, notepads, photo Christmas cards, baby announcements, bag tags, and gift cards online. Anyone interested can email her at keepintouchstationery@gmail.com and she will email them an on-line catalog. You can also look at her website at keepintouchstationery.com."

What a joy to have the privilege of supporting each other as we bring our children home!


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  2. The Raines are so precious to our family! God used them to place Ava And Bruik in our arms. Sharon was our Anderson's preschool teacher 3 years ago when she suggested that we call America World about becoming a pilot family for America World's ET program. We are THRILLED to here of their upcoming adoptions!! Blessings, Gillian