Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prayer Meeting

We are holding an emergency prayer meeting to lift up some of our TN families who are really going through some hard times right now. Remember Fellowship Group, this is what we are all about - supporting each other through these difficult times. I hope you can be there.

The date is Tuesday, May 12th at 6 PM at the Mihnovich's house: 440 Coburn Lane, Franklin, TN.

Lifting you all up...

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  1. There was some devestating news yesterday for families adopting from Ethiopia. As of yesterday, the courts will not see ANY cases involving abandoned babies/children if they were abandoned in the capital city Addis Ababa. In our agency alone, this effected 10 out of 14 families. There was some suspision risen on the judges part that there was some unethical baby bribing/buying marketing going on with one particular agency that showed up with a large group of "abandoned" babies. This was not our agency, however, that put a halt for ALL agencies. Now these families have no idea what happens next. There is no indication as to any other information as to resolving this issue. But prayers are desperately needed for these poor babies and families to be united ASAP. It is shocking news. Not what you want to hear when you are almost at the end of your journey to adopt.